Has Directv And Viacom Come To An Agreement

That is what happens after their current agreement expires on Friday night. I know that many of you, your families and friends can subscribe to AT-T-DirecTV. Please share a link to www.keepviacom.com that will be updated with relevant messages and information. After several days of tense negotiations, AT-T and Viacom Inc. agreed on a new distribution agreement that prevented a blackout between Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon and other channels of the AT-T DirecTV service. The current transport contract between AT-T U-verse and DirecTV and Viacom expires at midnight on Friday. The Hollywood Reporter spoke to AT-T-DirecTV, Comedy Central and MTV. If AT-T-DIRECTV drops MTV, the MAWMA is pissed! Call 1-888-250-5557 and tell AT-T-DIRECTV to keep MTV. For more information, see t.co/zo8exL9ZIW. #keepviacom pic.twitter.com/nJOEJIRYig Viacom publishes updates on its website, www.keepviacom.com and sends out ads inviting customers to contact AT-T. This is what the media company has done in other contract negotiations. « Today`s economic realities, combined with an explosion of new services, where viewers can watch almost every show online, even for free, have changed everything, » he says.

« The greed of networks, the search for revenue from all possible sources, has come back to hurt them in their efforts to get more dollars from pay-TV providers. » Wall Street had been closely following the negotiations. Viacom had hinted earlier in the week that it was willing to cut rates to get a deal. Apart from disagreements over tariffs, Viacom and AT-T tussled on the extent to which Viacom channels will be available on streaming platforms competing with DirecTV. UPDATE: Negotiations between Viacom and AT-T continued on Saturday, authorities in the United States said today. Viacom channels remained on the AT-T platforms beyond the Friday deadline. On Saturday, Viacom updated its website KeepViacom.com with the message: « Thank you for your patience while we work to reach an agreement with AT-T-DIRECTV to keep Viacom channels in the air. » The messages arrive because the contract of Viacom and DirecTV is the day before the expiration and the two conglomerates are in negotiations for another deal. ATT has already abandoned the viacom channels of the streaming service DirecTV Now; The verses of the ATT and direcTV could follow. He added: « The two sides will reach an agreement, so please ignore each of their alarmist speeches. » Stars from MTV, Comedy Central, VH1 and other channels shared the following message on Thursday, with a few adding more personalized messages at the beginning or end of the form message. « AT-T-DIRECTV is in the process of releasing MTV, VH1 and up to 21 other channels.

If that happens, you won`t be able to see me at Lindsay Lohan`s beach club! Call 1-888-250-5557 and tell AT-T-DIRECTV to keep MTV. For more information, see keepviacom.com. #keepviacom. In this spirit of partnership, Viacom is working to negotiate an agreement with AT-T to renew the distribution of our channels on the DirecTV and AT-T video services. We`ve made a number of offers that are good for consumers and good for AT-T – allow subscribers to gain more access to the Viacom channels they like and AT-T to reduce subscriber bills and offer customers a variety of packages and price points. It is important that our offerings ensure that ATT remains able to meet the multiple target groups that Viacom prefers to any other cable programmer. And in line with our other recently concluded distribution agreements, we want to work with AT-T on new opportunities that go beyond traditional promotion.