Interchange Agreement Agencies

This agreement includes staff assigned to the function of Inspector General (OIG). Agency`s accountability systems OPM Authority to Review Personnel Management Programs (Rule X) – The Office of Personnel Management operates a monitoring program to ensure that agencies, including the work done by contractors, are carried out in accordance with regulatory guidelines. Currently, in an organization that is the subject of an exchange agreement or has been unintentionally separated from an organization (some agreements do not cover all positions in the other benefit system); AND in the use of the direct recruitment authority, the authorities must comply with the public notice requirements in 5 United States. C 3327 and 3330 and procedures for displaced persons in 5 CFR, Part 330, Sub-Parts B, F and G. To document dates with a direct recruitment authority, an agency must use two codes of authority. The first code is « AYM » and is automatically used with « Reg. » 337.201 ». The second administrative code is the individual linked to the specific direct rental authority. These codes are listed below, as well as information about each direct recruitment authority. Several government appointment authorities for at least one year in the other benefit system prior to appointment under the exchange agreement indicated that agencies should not be competitive for employees in career or appointments related to a service career or temporary appointments. In addition, some agencies may have their own (s) processing authority (s) based on specific legislation. If you are an employee eligible for a promotion position under an exchange agreement, you will be asked to obtain information on your merits, in accordance with questions relating to the vacancy notice. If you have a copy of your agency`s specific agreement, it may be helpful to submit it with a copy of your last personal measure if you apply for this position. The trade agreements provide for a bilateral movement.

This means that workers related to work and career are eligible for employment in other benefit systems with which the United States is employed.