Eu Readmission Agreement Turkey

2. Subject to paragraph 3 of this Article, any transfer of a person to be readmitted under one of the obligations referred to in Articles 3 to 6 shall require the submission of an application for readmission to the competent authority of the requested State. So far, the European Union (EU) has developed a standard approach to the negotiation processes and content of readmission agreements with third countries. This approach includes the offer of an agreement to facilitate the issuance of visas and the liberalisation of the visa regime for third countries with a view to encouraging the conclusion of a readmission agreement. However, in the case of the EU-Turkey readmission agreement, the approach has changed. This agreement was signed at the same time as the launch of a visa liberalisation dialogue, which ignored the conclusion of an agreement to facilitate the issuance of visas. The content of the agreement also differs from EU readmission agreements. This article explains why the EU has changed its standard approach in the case of Turkey by analysing both the negotiation process and the content of the EU-Turkey readmission agreement. The aim of this article is to show that this postponement is mainly due to the EU`s concerns about the effective return of irregular migrants, who have been invited to be expelled from the EU, as well as to the unique characteristics of the multidimensional relationship between the EU and Turkey. However, the number of repetitions is low.

In the past three years, only 1,884 people have been repatriated to Turkey under the deal, including 357 Syrians, according to the Turkish Interior Ministry. 4. Without prejudice to paragraph 3 of this article, where a person has been apprehended by the requesting State in the border region after his illegal and direct entry into the territory of the requested State, the requesting State may submit an application for readmission within three working days of the arrest of that person (accelerated procedure). 1. Proof of the conditions for the readmission of third-country nationals and stateless persons referred to in Articles 4(1) and 6(1) shall be provided, inter alia, on the basis of the evidence listed in Annex 3 to this Agreement. Proof of the conditions of readmission cannot be provided by false documents. 22. Reliefweb, (access: 18 March 2019) Relationship with bilateral readmission agreements or agreements concluded by Member States 8. TRT World, `Turkey suspends readmission agreements with Greece-Cavusoglu`, (access: 18 March 2019) Without prejudice to Article 23 and without prejudice to the right of the competent authorities to recover from the readmission person, including the persons referred to in Article 3(2) and (2), all transport costs incurred in the Annex for readmission and transmission purposes t provided for in this Agreement to the border crossing point of the requested State for the applications referred to in Sections I and II of the Agreement; or, in so far as the limit of the State of final destination for the applications referred to in Section IV of the Agreement is borne by the requesting State. .

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